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So why Choose Rabbits-Online ?

All my own Work: What you see on my website , is a culmination of years of personal hard work. I have built my website over many years from a blank canvass. Inside my site, I have added as much of my own experience and knowledge as I can to help new owners choose a new rabbit, get to know a bit about breeds, colours, patterns etc.. and also have included some advice and information about how to care for your new pet, and about the rabbits that I keep, breed and care for. I can absolutely guarantee that none of my work/text is copied from anybody else, and is purely from my own head and my own heart. All the pictures that you see within my site, have been taken by me personally, and all the pictures are of my own personal rabbits that I keep. The only pictures that I haven't taken personally are those shown on my testimonials page, which have kindly been provided by new owners of my bunnies, with permission to be included on my website. 

If you should find any of my websites'  photographs or text/ wording on anybody else's website, or in any other media, then they have breached the copyright of Rabbits-Online, and I would be grateful if you would let me know if you come across this!

Please do be wary of copied sites if you come across them, I get lots of praise for my website and I know that there are people out there who want to, and do  copy from me, without having undertaking the hard work, and without having the level of experience that I have. If somebody does not have the brain power to create a unique and individual site, they possibly may not have the experience and correct advice to offer when keeping/breeding/offering their rabbits for sale...  Please do feel free to check out my Testimonials page to read some of the comments I have received about my rabbits/service etc. to date.

Rabbits are popular:  Rabbits are easy to litter train, intelligent enough to learn your house rules,  provide unconditional love and companionship, have great personalities, love cuddles, do not need to be taken out for a walk, do not annoy the neighbours, and they are happy to laze around through the day in wait of your return from work or school. Is there any wonder Rabbits are fast becoming the most popular choice of house pet amongst adults and children alike.  So, for your beloved pet, you need a good choice of products to help keep him happy and healthy, 'Rabbits-Online' offer just that! a great range of products for your rabbit, whether you are starting out and need to set up home from scratch for your new pet, or just want to make him feel special with the occasional gift, I am here to supply all your rabbit requirements.

I am Devoted:  My site, I hope reflects my love and devotion to my rabbits, and that I am willing to spend time with potential new owners so that I can inform them of all the in and outs of rabbit care and ownership before they take the plunge.  I also set up this website to include the Accessory/Housing store, as there are limited Online or High Street Pet Suppliers whose products are devoted purely to the Rabbit, with  staff having little or no background knowledge or experience of the Rabbit to share with new owners.  I feel that if somebody is committed to allowing a rabbit to become a part of their family, I owe it to them, and my baby bunnies, to ensure that they are able to offer a permanent, loving, healthy and knowledgeable family life for their new pet.

Tried & Tested: All of the products that are available within my website, have been tested by my own rabbits, and have been given the Paws up!

Choice of Payment Methods:  I offer the Customer a choice of Payment methods at checkout, including Secure, Online payments using your Switch/Debit/Credit Card etc. or if you prefer not to pay Online, I also accept Cheques/Postal Orders and Cash (cash at your own risk sent using Recorded/Special Delivery Only). You don't even have to fill out your own Order Form to do this, the Shopping Cart does it all for you, all you have to do is print it off and complete your delivery details, then pop it in the post with your payment to the address specified.

We offer fast shipping:  All accessory/housing orders are despatched within 24 - 48 hours of receipt/clearance of payment. Smaller parcels are sent using 1st Class Recorded Delivery for your own piece of mind, and heavier packages are sent using Insured CityLink. If you are ordering a bunny from Sedgeystud, then we can arrange to deliver your Accessory order and/or hutch at the same time as the bunny to save on additional postage costs. Contact Us for further details.

All orders are confirmed: Besides offering fast shipping, we send you an email to confirm that your order has been despatched.

We ship throughout the UK:  If you wish to order non-livestock goods from outside of the UK, please email me for shipping costs prior to ordering. All items except bunnies and guinea pigs can be mail ordered throughout mainland UK.

Satisfaction Guarantee:  Check out the Testimonials we have received from previous satisfied bunny owners.

With all the reasons that I have given, if you still have reservations about ordering from us, feel free to email us!  We respond to all customer emails within 24 hours. 


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Just to say 'Thank You' for Jasper & also for your support & advice. Jasper  is very affectionate & Paul & I feel very lucky to have him . Take care, love Sara, Paul and Jasper xxx

You will be so proud of this! Ollie had his myxi jab today & the vet said he's the most friendly, well kept, good natured rabbit that she's ever treated. The vet's nurse gave him a big cuddle & said she wanted to keep him! The vet asked where he had come from etc & she is really impressed with all of your advice & care info. She said he's a credit to you! He was such a little star.Speak to you soon, we are really glad we found you, Andrea x

We just wanted to tell you Bobbie still doing really really great! His personality is amazing, he's so funny, if one of us leaves the living room he waits for us by the door! We love him to bits.  Regards Ste, Zo & Bobbie

I absolutely adore Donald & I can't thank you enough.  You have been fantastic from the moment I got in touch about wanting a rabbit & your advice has been invaluable. Many many thanks, Michelle & Donald x

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