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Guinea Pigs For Sale


undefined I would like to introduce you to......


Baldrick undefined my  'Skinny' Pig, a breed of Guinea Pig which is completely BALD apart from a small amount of fur on his face and legs.  People say that they resemble a miniature horse or hippo.

Sadly, My beloved Baldrick passed away during 2005.

Breeds of Guinea Pigs (the following pictured Guinea Pigs are not for sale)

Abyssinian Pigs are relatively short haired Guinea Pigs, with 'rosettes' in their fur. Rosettes are like little rose petal curls, they can have 5 or 6 rosettes across their body, or sometimes they have just one on the top of their head, these are known as crested.  Below is a young tri-coloured boar (male). He is not for sale but i hope to have off-spring from him next year.


undefinedundefined  Black Abyssinian

undefinedundefined Orange/White Abyssinian

undefinedundefinedundefined Orange/White Crested

undefinedundefinedundefined Crested and Abyssinian from the same litter


undefinedundefined This is Ginger Spice, my Teddy Sow. She is so soft and cuddly, she is just like a little teddy bear. She is very calm and quiet and is more than happy to sit for cuddles.


undefined These are my adult Guinea Pigs. The Pig on the left is a Cinnamon Agouti Rex, and the 3 to the right are smooth haired. They are Magpie in colour, and carry a chocolate gene which means that they can produce chocolate coloured offspring.

undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefined Young  Smooth Haired Magpies

undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefined Various Coloured Smooth Haired pups.

In the first instance, please contact me to enquire about Availability.
click here to check that you are within/or are able to travel to my
delivery area

If you are wanting to purchase/reserve a bunny for a later date, please contact me for further details.



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