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undefined Bunny Heaven - A Special place in my heart for my dearly beloved, now departed bunnies

Boys One of the worst things about keeping bunnies, is that one day, they must leave you to go to Bunny Heaven.

Here is a little 'ode to all the beautiful bunnies that have shared my life, and will never be forgotten


RIP my Darling Skye



A dear little boy he was meant to be
My own my first I longed to see
Many tears were shed when we heard he had gone
But Thumper's memory will linger on
RIP Thumper
Grace, Karen & Family
Dec '05


Invisible Bunny

Wake up Mum, wake up quick!
I have to stop your nightmares or you'll get sick.
I'm still here Mum I've not gone
Instead I'm just in spirit; I'm now an invisible bun.
Don't cry Mum
I can't bare to see you sad,
You were my best friend
The best a bunny could have.

When you sleep in the night
I'm lying by your side
I listen to your heartbeat
And I nuzzle you with pride.
Sometimes I bring my bunny friends
Just to let them see
The one who was my Mum
The special one to me.

In the morning when you wake Mum
I miss your lovely smile,
You can still wave
You see, I can still see you, although you can't see me?

I follow you around
I'm the shadow in the corner of your eye,
I'm still your little bunny
And I will never die.


RIP Sweep, Daddy's little Angel


RIP Silver




RIP Katy Moon

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