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Growing Up

Pictures which follow the various stages in the first few weeks of life for young kits (from different litters).

 Newly Born. Mum creates a nest with hay and her own fur to make it warm and cosy. 

After a day or two, it is possible to take a peek at the little wriggly, bald, blind & deaf kits snuggled up together in the nest.

  The kits' fur grows in after a few days

Approx:  9 days. Still blind

10 Days

Their eyes start to open around days 10- 12

They start to wander around the hutch once their eyes are open. They start to nibble on hay and eat tiny amounts of mum's food. They are still feeding off mum at this stage.

They leave the nest by day 21. They are now nibbling hay and feed freely, and learning to drink water from the bottle.

3 1/2 weeks old

4 weeks old. Lionheads start to develop their mane from 4 - 5 weeks of age.

5 weeks old

6 weeks old

7 weeks Old

8 weeks old. Not all lop eared breeds lop their ears straight away, sometimes they can take longer to drop particularly in cooler weather.

I never sell any of my kits until they are at least 10 weeks of age. I take mum away from her litter when they are 8 weeks old. I then split the siblings up into male and female hutches at 9 weeks of age, and then if they are still with me at 10+ weeks of age, I split them up into pairs or singles dependant on numbers and how well they are getting along at this age etc..  Once I am happy that they are coping and eating well after going through these stages, I will then advertise the kits that I do not wish to keep, as available for sale.

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